Trump said he will build a wall and he is doing it – See pictures

“This is the beginning, in this sector, of the president’s border wall, yes,” Chief Patrol Agent Aaron Hull, of the US Border Patrol’s El Paso sector, said.

This is the same wall president Trump Promised voters in the election. But hey if you Look other waya around it looks like Cages for Americans. Anyways Lets take a Look at Presidents Border wall.

Santa Teresa port new Mexico

Border Patrol agents arrested 25,193 people in the year 2017 for crossing the border illegally. in addition to that they also seized 34,189 pounds of marijuana and 140 pounds of cocaine.

Now lets see the actual wall and how it looks:

How much its gonna cost?

It will take almost $73.34 millions and 400 days to complete the entire project.

the wall will be 18 feet and it includes 5 foot anti-climbing plate at the top of it. Also the wall will be 6 feet below the land and addition 2 feet concrete will be their.

Source: CBP


Damn it looks like trump is doing what he said he will do! Whats your thoughts on it? Do let us know in the comments section below. Share this news with Fellow Americans!


2 thoughts on “Trump said he will build a wall and he is doing it – See pictures

  1. A wall he said Mexico would pay for but we’ll be flipping the bill for for decades. Not to mention going through peoples homes and destroying the habitats of animals. But I suppose that’s fine and dandy for folks such as yourself and the bill our grandkids will be paying for.

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