Pictures Taken at the Right Moment #3, #11 and #19 are pure Gold

  1. This butterfly can give you Nightmares

2. Obama with Magic Crystal Ball

3. And the Truth has been Spoken I mean written 😉

4. Pretty big man 😮

5. Mutant 

6. Hey Don’t hit her…

7. Naughty Monkey .. wink wink

8. Magic Bottle =D

9. Olympic Logo is Completed Now.. Thanks to the Moon

10. Um I don’t know may he should keep his mouth shut!

11. Oops .. But why does that little girl is scared??? (Answer in Comment)

12. Hey Jesus see I can do that…

13. The only bucket he can goal is sadly his nose :p

14. I am scared for this Guy..

15. What are you looking at??

16. Wanna join my Joint?

17. Hey ducky.. Bye bye..

18. Ouch that Hurts..

19. Forget about that Old man.. Look at this girl in the white she had no idea what happened :p

20. I can Lift the Moon

Which one is your favorite comment below.

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