How many Millionaire habits you have?

Tell us in the comments how many millionaires habits you have?


1. They Read

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Most of the Self made millionaires are readers.According to one study 85% of millionaires read one or two and sometimes more books in a month. They use books like Self-help, careers, biographies, psychology & leadership.

2. They Find a mentor

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There are 5 types of mentors :Parents, Teachers, Career Mentors, Book Mentor & yourself. Finding a mentor makes your success road little easy!

3. They Pursue Things that Interest them

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many people prefer stability while choosing their careers, but successful people find their interest and pursue that career only.

4. They write TO-DO lists

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They break down their goals into steps so that they can achieve the one by one

5. They use their dreams to set goals

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They dream their ideal life and set their goals around them, that's called dream setting.

6. They create multiple streams of income

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Most of the millionaires have at least three income streams and that's what made them millionaire.

7. They avoid time wasters

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Money can be re-earned but time cannot be. That's why many of millionaires spent less time on TV, Movies, Internet, etc.


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